Hoop Earrings – 4 Safety Tips When Wearing Large Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are wonderful accessories when combined with a person’s wardrobe. They add fashion and are found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. These types of earrings are popular all around the globe, however, there is a measure of safety that must be taken when choosing to wear the larger hoop styles. hoop earrings


Wearing large hoop earrings that peek through lots of hair may be a fantastic look, but has a great potential for danger. It is possible for long and even medium length hair to get tangled up tightly in a short amount of time. If the hair gets wrapped too tight, turning your head could cause some major pain or worse. To prevent your earrings from getting tangled in your hair, always remember to wear your hair up to keep it safely away from the hoops.

Accessories and clothing

Items such as scarves and purse handles can be a safety hazard when wearing large hoop earrings. Scarves can be hazardous because one may get caught on the hoop portion of the earring and then tear away from your ear. Purse handles made from knitted or looped material can be risky because it may get snagged on the earring when slung on the shoulder.

In addition to accessories, some articles of clothing can cause a threat to safety while wearing large hoop earrings. Caution should be taken with outerwear like coats and jackets since these articles are likely to get in contact with your earrings. Pulling clothing over the head should also be avoided.

Pets and children

When spending time around small children or pets, it might be a good idea to put your large hoop earrings away for another time. Children and babies are notorious for grabbing and touching things that they should not. Even the youngest infant can accidentally pull hard on a hoop and effectively cause damage.

Dogs that jump up on people should be considered a safety concern for anyone wearing large earrings. Imagine getting Fido’s claw stuck in the hoop of your earring and then having him try to get away. Ouch! Issues may also arise when wearing large shiny hoops around felines. Cats love to pounce on items that catch their attention. A cat may snag a hoop that is shiny or glittery and end up pulling the entire earring out

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