Advanced Makeup Artistry Certificate

Collaborative Certificate Program by GLOW College of Artistic Design, Canada

SOIS is a name to reckon with when it comes to joining world-class courses and pursuing International Careers. Take your Beauty Profession dreams to a new level with this collaborative Advanced Certificate designed by Award Winning Canadian Institute, GLOW College of Artistic Design.

Learn the required skills to hone your passion and become a Professional Makeup Artistry trained with Canadian standards of Beauty education, including training in high levels of sanitation and trending American techniques.

Certificate Courses 

Earn your Advanced Makeup Certificate

In association with GLOW College, SOIS offers an opportunity to complete a Canadian Makeup Certificate program in Mohali, India. With a combination of online and in-class studies, complete a variety of lessons from Safety and Sanitation, Color Theories, Skin Care and Anatomy, and step-by-step application techniques for Beauty, Bridal, and Fashion Makeup Artistry.

This Advanced Certificate is an Esthetics pathway Canada After completing this program, excel your Beauty Career in India or choose to further pursue a Career in Beauty and Esthetics by completing this Prep Program prior to applying for Study in Canada opportunities with Canadian Public Colleges. Students that qualify for Study Permits with a Public College will have the opportunity to Study and Work in Canada.

Start by completing this program to add a credential that may strengthen your profile.

This Advanced Non-Vocational Certificate includes a series of comprehensive in-person and online demonstrations of the latest Makeup Artistry trends and techniques. Live demonstrations, theoretical notes, practical hands-on practice sessions, and mock fashion run-ways are some of the experiences you can expect.

BEAUTY MAKEUP – Gain comprehensive knowledge in essential theory related to the Profession of Makeup Artistry. Complete lessons in Safety and Sanitation, Skin Anatomy, Skin Care and Preparation, Color Theories, Kit Essentials, Product Life Span, as well as Step-by-Step Makeup techniques to completing day and glamour, look on essentially all face shapes and complexions.

Practical lessons include base application, corrective base application, eyebrow mapping, and shading, natural and smokey eye makeup techniques, highlighting and contouring techniques, lip application and correcting techniques, false lash application, as well as several other ways to effectively complete full face makeup application using current industry standards and trends.


FASHION MAKEUP – Set the stage for learning Historical Makeup leading into Current Insta-trends with this Fashion Makeup Artistry Certificate course. Progress from Period Makeup Eras such as Ancient Egyptian times, Century Makeup Evolution, the Trends from past Decades to the Cut Creases and Halos trending on Social Media today.

BRIDAL MAKEUP – Consider catering to the ever-growing worldwide Bridal Makeup industry. Learn the standards of Popular Bridal Looks including Classic and Glamour Bridal makeup, along with Ethnic Bridal techniques including Asian Oriental, South Asian (Indian/Pakistani), as well as dramatic Middle Eastern Bridal looks.

MEDIA MAKEUP – Learn essential theories on Set Life, and application techniques of various types of Media Makeup Artistry. Learn with our Interactive lessons and gain life-long access to Course Content including Quizzes to test your Knowledge, Step-by-Step demonstration videos, and portfolio building Assignments.

Interactive Learning System

Complete Interactive online lessons and gain life-long access to Course Content including Quizzes to test your Knowledge, Step-by-Step demonstration videos, and portfolio building Assignments reviewed and marked by Canadian Instructors. Also complete in Person instruction at the SOIS Mohali Campus, led by qualified Instructors.

Make it official and earn this Advanced Makeup Artistry Certificate to start towards building your Freelance Beauty Business or gain the confidence and credential to apply for a position with your favorite brands in India and abroad.

This course is the ideal first step to prepare you with skills and confidence to pursue a career in India or to prepare you to further your studies in Canada by applying to a Canadian Public College. Graduates of this program will work closely with an Education Mentor in Canada to have guidance and assistance with the Public College application process.

Join the Best

With a passion to start side income or initiate a full-fledged business, get in touch with the Admissions team at the best International education school – SOIS and gain a chance to make a name as an established International Beauty Professional. Be a part of the congenial learning atmosphere.

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