Bachelor of Business Management

One of the crucial skills that makes one a professional is the ability to manage and lead others. Bachelors in business management and leadership makes one an expert and efficient enough to possess the caliber to manage every business organisation effectively.  Bachelors in management and leadership is designed for students desiring to earn a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that will guide them towards the ultimate goal of becoming a successful manager. The major concern that teachers pay heed to involve strategic, systems, and interpersonal skills. Course work in human resource management, organizational behaviour, international management and administrative theory. Students are trained well in all the five functions of management in essence to planning, organizing, leading, controlling.

Why choose Bachelors in business management ?

Being able to deal with financial,legal,environmental,political, human on every day basis is the most salient trait that accompanies the course. No other course offers as  a good development of an individual as business management and leadership does.

Areas of Employment

  • Human resource Administrator
  • Administrative Services Managers
  • Budget Analyst
  • Food/ Beverage Manager
  • Facilities planner
  • Hotel/Motel Manager
  • Development Officer
  • Job analyst
  • Meeting and Convention Planner
  • Operations Manager
  • Quality control Auditor
  • Compensation Manager

Course at School of International Studies is designed considering the requirements of countries other than India as well. Students have access to jobs in Canada, UK,USA, and Australia. SOIS emerge victorious by providing technical training to the future leaders and managers under the influence of Globally renowned personalities. Innumerable opportunities are provided to students who are undergoing the process of becoming professional leaders and managers.

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