The Online program offered by SOIS is one of the most flexible and economically effective medium to some of the most prestigious universities and other study destinations of the world.

Programmes offered by SOIS allows a student to start his or her undergraduate or postgraduate program from home along with secured entrance and transfer of credit in the leading universities in the world.

Delivering university level learning outcomes, SOIS is at the forefront of offering cost effective programs that deliver the benefit of choice in study destinations, universities and degree programs.

Our online study programs include government accredited and globally recognized qualifications that meet the academic requirements for entry to universities in Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

With representatives all over the world, we provide students with an academic experience that will best prepare them to progress to university and successfully adapt to the academic system of their chosen study destination.


  • SOIS graduates will meet the academic requirements for entry in a number of approved university programs
  • Students can choose from various bachelor and master degree programs in a number of fields
  • Students can expect to receive up to 2 years of credit transfer
  • Students may also apply to enrol at universities not listed on our website since many universites recognise our programs as meeting the minimum academic requirements for entry and credit transfer

The SOIS Online Multi Program model explained

Students who wish to study at universities abroad often face a number of challenges, including:

  • Meeting the minimum academic requirements for entry
  • Meeting the minimum English requirements for entry
  • Obtaining sufficient funds to study abroad for 3-4 years
  • Pursuing a flexible program while managing other life commitments
  • Ability to access a fast-tracked pathway to university via intensive study periods

Our Online Multi Program was designed to help students overcome these challenges by delivering a low cost, flexible, online study program with 24hr/day access to personalised services that put students in full control of their academic and English language progress.

Students complete our programs online in their own country, allowing them to study anywhere, anytime and at their own pace. Our programs are assessment based giving students practical career and academic skills in their chosen field of study.

While completing our program, students can choose to undertake additional English language training (IELTS preparation) and professional development short courses to provide them with the best possible skills to succeed as an international student.

Upon completion of our program, students can progress to one of several SOIS approved universities in Australia, United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Depending on the university and course, students can expect to receive up to 2 years of credit (advanced standing) towards a bachelor or master degree.

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